Big hair is gorgeous hair!

...but getting the perfect updo, afro puff or ponytail is not always a breeze when you have thick, kinky or curly hair.

Regular Hair bands will hold down your hair but weaken just as soon as you rush out of the door!

And rubber bands, those will damage your edges and rip out a good chunk of your precious hair.

But you don’t have to give up hair ties…

Snappee™ Hair Tie snaps in and out of your hair without causing breakage, tangles or knots, allowing you to retain length and grow healthy natural hair!

They are soft and stretchy, meaning no hair is too big to hold.

All Snappee™ Hair Ties are snug enough to give you a super-laid updo but without the tension headaches associated with regular hair ties and rubber bands.

Our LIFETIME WARRANTY ensures that if these hair ties ever stretch out, wear out or break, you’ll get replacements for free, for life!

Don’t just take our word for it.

Influencers in the natural hair space rave about our products and our THOUSANDS of customers can’t all be wrong.

Snappee™ Hair Ties are the best accessory you can get for your hair this year.

Do you want to get your hair ready for the gym or are you interested in damage-free styling?

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