Rice Water for Natural Hair Growth September 22 2018 2 Comments

Many naturals who’ve tried rice water for natural hair growth have reported back fantastic results. But does it really work?

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It’s always an interesting thing when we hear about new stuff to try on our natural curls. We scour through YouTube vids to see other’s results. We mull it over for days, weeks, or even months. And then we finally make a decision to cave in and buy, or to start looking for something else instead.

In the case of the rice water… there’s almost nothing to buy because rice is so cheap! So, this may be a winner if you find that it works for your hair.

This post will discuss rice water for hair growth. By the end if this article, you’ll know whether you want to try it out on your natural curls.


Yao Women


What is Rice Water for Natural Hair?

Rice water methods come to us from the Yao women of China. They have used the water to grow their locks long and strong for centuries and they are globally recognized as having the longest hair in the world.

They make the water from soaking rice in a large plastic tub for a day or two, and then they use it to rinse or wash their hair.

The proof is in the pictures. Their hair is not only over 6 foot long, but it is thick, healthy, and vibrant.


The Benefits of Rice Water for Hair Growth

Feeds the Hair Nutrition. Rice is loaded with B, E, C, and K vitamins—all of which help to create strong hair. It is rich in magnesium, calcium, potassium, manganese, phosphorous, zinc, iron, and selenium.

Strengthens Hair. Rice is an abundant source of amino acids, the building blocks of protein. Have you heard about rice protein? Vegan bodybuilders use it to build muscle. Rice’s protein can be used to make stronger hair.

Stimulates Hair Growth. Fermented rice water contains pitera. This unique yeast speeds the follicle cell regeneration process and aids in fast hair growth.

Increases Elasticity. Rice water can dramatically improve your hair’s ability to stretch without breaking. More elasticity will help you to retain your hair’s length and grow your mane longer. 

How to Make Rice Water for Natural Hair

Women can choose between two different types of rice water: Plain or fermented. Fermented involves more time, but the pitera effect is much stronger than plain.

Here are instructions for making rice water:

Rice Water for Natural Hair Recipe


½ Cup Rice
About 3 Cups Water (distilled optional)


1. Rinse rice under cool water in a strainer.
2. Place the rice in a pot along with the water.
3. Bring to a boil and remove from heat.
4. Pour it into a non-metallic heat-proof container and let the preparation cool.
5. Transfer to an applicator bottle for use or continue by following the fermenting instructions below.

Fermenting Instructions for Rice Water

After you prepare your rice water, you can use it as is, or you can take it a step further by fermenting the solution. Fermenting will strengthen the rice water and make it more effective at rejuvenating the scalp’s hair follicles.

To ferment, follow these instructions:

1. Let the prepared rice water sit at room temperature for 12-24 hours.
2. Transfer the water back to a pot after 24 hours and re-boil.
3. Let it cool to a warm temperature.
4. Transfer the rice water to an applicator bottle and use.



How to Use Rice Water for Natural Hair

Rice water has several uses, and they will all benefit your natural hair if you do them regularly.

Here are some ways to incorporate rice water into your natural hair regimen:

Rice Water Rinse. This is probably the most common way to use rice water. First shampoo and condition your hair with your favorite products. Then apply the rice water with an applicator or spray bottle, and leave it in your hair for 45-60 minutes. Then rinse in the shower.

Rice Water Spray. Rice water contains many helpful vitamins that your hair can use throughout the week. An easy way to work rice water into your regimen is to spray it on your hair mid-week.

Try using your favorite aromatic essential oils for this spray, or use growth oils like lavender or rosemary. To make this spray, use distilled water and store the rice water spray in the refrigerator. Using distilled water and the refrigerator will cut down on bacteria and mold from collecting in the container.

Rice Water with No-Poo. Have you been experimenting with using no shampoo? Rice water will be more effective than using plain water because it has nutrition that can feed the hair shaft and a special yeast (pitera) that can rejuvenate the scalp.

Before a Co-Wash. Using the rice water after the conditioner step in the co-wash method will help to cleanse the scalp before you apply the conditioner to your strands. Rice water will also help with follicle repair and hair growth.

Rice water will last for up to one week when stored in the refrigerator. 

Using rice water daily in a spray bottle, or weekly as a rinse does a lot for natural hair. Plus, it’s inexpensive—something that is super helpful for naturals on a budget.

Use it regularly, and expect to grow longer, thicker, and healthier natural hair.

Have you tried rice water for natural hair growth, and if so, what were the results?